Christmas Break Challenges!

Saturday, January 18, 2020 | Special Awards

Piano Marvel Christmas Challenge:

Two students participated in this online challenge, trying to earn 100% on as many Christmas songs as possible. Nathan played 100 songs at 100%, and Levi played 50 songs at 100% - truly marvelous!

Christmas Break Practice Challenge:

Several of our students exceeded the mystery minutes of 130:


Most Minutes:  Mrs. Terry - 740 minutes

Runner Up:  Geoffrey - 600 minutes

Other pianists exceeding the Mystery Minutes:

Brendan-555, Matt-540, Allie-465

Luke-360, Nathan-300

Julia-280, Paola-272, Leasley-241

Emery-234, Lukas-230, Peyton-152

Congratulations to all our Christmas Challenge winners!